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Concorde  The Brooklands Concorde Experience

This page brings together all the details and information that anybody might need prior to visiting Concorde Delta Golf at Brooklands.

The Experience:

Visitors boarding DGThe Brooklands Concorde Experience has been designed to give visitors a unique experience and something different from the other Concordes exhibited around the country. Entry to Delta Golf is by ticket only and tours nomally run at intervals of 30 minutes each day, 7 days a week. The first tour of the day is normally at 10:25 and the last tour roughly 35 minutes before museum closing. It is not normally necessary to pre-book tickets prior to visiting the museum although there is a limit to the number of tours each day and naturally certain times of the year are busier than others (school holidays etc.). It is recommended though that, due to the limited number of places available each day, you book your tour early after your arrival at the museum to avoid disappointment. Alternatively, tours can be booked ahead of your visit by contacting the museum on 01932 857381.

The rear cabinThe inside of Delta Golf is split into 3 main areas. Visitors board DG via what used to be the cargo hold door at the rear of the aircraft. The cargo hold has now been opened up and allows direct access into the rear cabin. In operational service Concorde's rear cabin would have originally contained 60 seats, however, Delta Golf's rear cabin has been converted in an exhibition area. Here can be found exhibits such as George Edwards' famous 'Pork Pie' hat, Delta Golf's original flight logs and a helmet and flight suit worn by flight crew during Concorde's testing days. Also in here are 3 video screens that show several short videos, one of which is called 'The Brooklands Concorde Story'. As the name suggests, this tells the story of Delta Golf, how it was transported to Brooklands and how it was rebuilt and restored.

The mid-cabinVisitors then walk through the mid-cabin and an area of extended exhibition space called 'Concorde Through the Decades'. In here is a selection of seats that Concorde flew with during its operational life covering the 70s, 80s, and 90s. These include a pair of the plush blue leather Terence Conran designed seats that most of the British Airways Concordes were fitted with up until their retirement. The seat tray tables are complete with unique Concorde crockery and cutlery and general Concorde memorabilia. The wall panels, hat racks and forward bulkheads in this area are all that now exists of Delta Golf's original interior. Also on show in here are two large test equipment racks that were original fitted in Delta Golf's aft hold during the 1970s.

The forward cabinFinally, visitors walk through to the forward cabin. Here they are invited to take their seats for their Concorde 'flight'. The forward cabin has been completely re-fitted with interior trim, luggage bins and 40 seats. In addition, the cabin has been fitted with a large video screen and a state of the art sound system that helps to give people some idea of what a flight on Concorde was like. The video is presented by Captain Mike Bannister and he guides you through a take-off and the acceleration through Mach 2 - twice the speed of sound - with explanations of how Concorde was operated during the different phases of flight. During the video the Machmeters on the forward bulkheads display Concorde's speed and height. Once in the cruise at Mach 2 and 58000ft there is a special treat for visitors - but you will have to visit to see and feel that!

The cockpitOn the way out visitors have an opportunity to view (but, unfortunately, not enter) Delta Golf's cockpit. This has been completely re-fitted with instruments, flight controls and crew seats. The cockpit of Concorde really is a sight to behold with its myriad of dials and switches and is a glimpse back at 1960s technology and the days when it took a minimum of 3 people to fly an airliner. It can also be seen here just how small the flightdeck of a Concorde really is - especially when compared to other airliners. When visitors leave Delta Golf there is a chance for them to sign the visitors book.

Admission Prices/Opening Times:

The Concorde Experience requires a small additional charge on top of museum admission[why?]. Boarding cards can be purchased from the ticket office in the 4D Theatre building next to Concorde. For opening times and the latest prices for both Concorde and general museum admission, click here to visit the official Brooklands Concorde website.

Phone Numbers:

For more information about Concorde tours at Brooklands, please contact the Concorde Office on 01932 857381 ext 268 or ext 210, or go to https://www.brooklandsmuseum.com/concorde.

Museum Directions:
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Brooklands Museum is located in Weybridge, Surrey in South East England. Click on the map on the left for detailed instructions of how to get there.

Other Information:

Museum Contact Details:

Brooklands Museum,
Brooklands Road,
KT13 0QN.

Tel: 01932 857381

Email: info@brooklandsmuseum.com

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