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Concorde  Delta Golf News

This page contains news and updates relating to Delta Golf, G-CONC and the Concorde simulator. Also see the links at the bottom of the page for archived Concorde Project news.

February 2024:

Click for larger image13th February 2024 marked 50 years since Delta Golf's maiden flight from Filton to Fairford with Peter Baker and Brian Trubshaw at the controls. Brooklands Museum's held an event to commemorate the occasion that included a ceremonial lowering of DG's nose and a panel talk about her operational life and restoration. In attendance on the day was the museum's Royal Patron, HRH Prince Michael of Kent. Click here to see photos from the event.

February 2017:

Click for larger imageDelta Golf was closed for a week to allow volunteers to carry out a major refresh of the front and rear cabins. This work included general cleaning, carpet washing/replacement, display panel and lighting repair and upgrades. Click here to see photos of the work.

July 2016:

Click for larger image26th July 2016 was the 10th anniversary of Concorde G-BBDG being officially opened to the public by HRH Prince Michael of Kent. To mark the occasion Brooklands Museum invited a number of guests, including former Concorde pilots and many of the DG volunteer team, to a ceremonial lowering of the newly recommissioned nose and visor. Special guest on the day was Jodie Kidd. Click here to see photos of the event.

October 2014:

Click for larger imageG-BBDG's nose and visor have been manually lowered for the first time in more than 20 years. (October 2014)For the first time since 1981, Delta Golf's nose and visor have been lowered - albeit manually. Much of the hydraulic mechanism for lowering them automatically no longer exists having been robbed during the 20+ years the aircraft was in storage Filton. Museum volunteers have now commenced work to recommission/re-engineer the mechanism to restore normal operaton. Click here to see photos of the work.

Spring/Summer 2013:

Click for larger imageOver several months during Spring and Summer 2013 the simulator underwent a major upgrade of the visual system. This actually involved refitting the back projection screen and mirror from the original WIDE system that was fitted to the simulator when it was operational at Filton. Click here to see photos of the final stages of the work.

October 2012:

Click for larger imageAfter several years of planning, 40% scale Concorde model 'G-CONC' had been reloacted to a new permanent location at the entrance to Brooklands Museum and Mercedes-Benz World. The move was carried out by Finch of Bookham with assistance from volunteers from the museum. Click here to see photos of move.

July 2011:

Click for larger imageFollowing the move to spin her around 180° last May, Delta Golf has now been moved forward to her final position in the aviation park. Again, this was completed with the assistance of the crew from National Rescue using recovery truck 'Brooklands Belle'. For the first time DG now sits in open space away from any buildings where she can be admired and photographed from all sides. More photos of the move can be found here.

May 2011:

Click for larger imageDG has been moved from the position she has sat in at Brooklands for the last 7 years and spun around to face the opposite direction. This is ahead of her being moved into her permanent new location in the aviation park in the next few weeks. Prior to the move the radome was removed from DG's nose to help with clearance around adjacent buildings in the tight space available. It was refitted again afterwards once the move was complete. The move was carried out by the British Airways Aircraft Recovery Team, with assistance from a small crew from National Rescue operating winches on breakdown recovery trucks 'Brooklands Belle' and 'Milly'. Photos of the day's events can be found here.

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