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Thank you for visiting my website. I joined the Delta Golf restoration project through Gordon Roxburgh and his ConcordeSST website and have been privileged to have been a small part of the restoration team at Brooklands since the aircraft arrived in pieces at the museum in June 2004. I originally setup this site later that year so as to have somewhere where I could post the photographs I was taking of the restoration and enable people to follow the progress online. In the longer term the site became a photographic diary and general source of information documenting the whole project from the time it began to the present day.

In the years that followed, the Concorde team at Brooklands have also worked on the reassembly and restoration of both the Concorde model 'G-CONC' and the Concorde simulator. Both of these projects were also documented photographically, and those photos (and videos) were subsequently integrated into this site as well.

I would be grateful if you are able to spare a few moments to sign my guestbook and leave any comments or suggestions about the site (positive or negative!). If you have any questions relating to any of the photographs or information contained in these pages, if you find any links that don't work, or if you notice any inaccuracies in the site content, please feel free to send me an email by clicking on the button below.


Neil Walker

Me in Delta Golf's cockpit (21/03/09)

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